What Is A Gravure Cylinder Engraving Machine

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What Is A Gravure Cylinder Engraving Machine

When the term gravure cylinder engraving machine is mentioned, it gets people a bit confused. Most people don’t know these are the engraving machines we have in the market, but this time designed for gravure cylinder engraving. In short, these are engraving machines for gravure cylinders.

So, what’s a gravure cylinder engraving machine? Well, as explain above, these are machines that made for the printing industry. They help in the automation of the printing image designing and making. Unlike the typical engraving machines, they are designed to handle large shafts or gravure cylinders that are used in gravure printing.

How Does Gravure Cylinder Engraving Machine Work

The working mechanisms of the gravure cylinder engraving machine are pretty simple. In fact, if you have been using the typical engraving machine, it will be easy to work with these machines. First, the design of these machines is to accommodate all sizes of the gravure cylinders. So, they are designed with space engraving areas with just holders to handle gravure cylinders of all sizes.

Gravure cylinder engraving machines have a computer where all the designing of the printing image is done. They are just the normal computers only that they have a special designing software. The image to be printed is designed, and once everything is done, it is engraved on the gravure cylinder.

The engraving machine makes recessed holes on the cylinder, which forms the image to print. In these holes, the printing ink is put and later transferred onto the substrate as the image. That’s how gravure cylinder engraving machines work.

Types Of Gravure Cylinder Engraving Machine

There are two main types of gravure cylinder engraving machines, and they include the laser engraving machine and the electronic engraving machines. The main difference between the two is the engraving technology. For the laser gravure cylinder engraving machines, they use laser technology for the engraving.

On the other hand, the electronic gravure cylinder engraving machine user a diamond stylus to engrave the cylinder. But laser engraving models are the most popular in the market because of the numerous benefits they offer. They are also cheaper and the technology readily available in the market.

Gravure cylinder engraving was a game-changer in the printing industry. The technology has improved the industry in a big, and the gravure cylinder engraving machines are increasingly becoming available. If you are still manually making gravure printing images, you need to upgrade.