Preventative Maintenance Tips For Vermeer Stump Grinder Teeth

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Most of the machine users spend a lot of money on the repairs and replacement of the machine faulty parts. What most of them don’t know is that this cost can reduce significantly if they employ effective preventative maintenance tips. These are tips that help to avoid the actual damages from happening.

If you have invested in Vermeer stump grinder teeth, there are several preventative tips that you need to employ. With these tips, you will be able to avoid most of the teeth damages and the cost that comes with it. Check out the following:

Keep Teeth Clean

One of the most effective preventative maintenance tips for Vermeer stump grinder teeth is keeping them clean. This is a general maintenance tip that can help you get rid of most of the damages to the teeth and other machine grinder parts. With cleaning teeth and other parts with high-pressure water, you get rid of dirt and debris that cause deterioration of machine cutter tools.


All the machine parts that move or generate friction should be lubricated. This is one of the crucial preventative maintenance tips that every Vermeer stump grinder user must observe. If you look at the user manual that’s provided by the manufacturer, it identifies the main areas that should be lubricated. When you have a lot of friction happening in the machine, your Vermeer stump grinder teeth will be the most affected.  You also need to lubricate the teeth when not in use to prevent rusting.

Sharpening Stump Grinder Teeth

For the Vermeer stump grinder to keep producing the highest performance and productivity, you must maintain the cutter teeth in the sharpest condition possible. That’s why regular sharpening of your Vermeer stump grinder teeth is recommended. Even with the tungsten carbide tipped teeth, you will find these parts blunting when exposed in demanding conditions. That’s why you need to have them sharpened regularly.

Keep teeth dry

Another preventative maintenance tip for Vermeer stump grinder teeth is to keep them dry. Whether the teeth are fitted in the machine, or they are in the store, you need to keep them dry. Do not expose your grinder teeth to moisture and other wet conditions. So, store them properly in a dry place to avoid rusting and other damage caused by moisture. With that, you will enjoy your machine parts for a longer time.