Major Differences Between Extrusion And Forging

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Extrusion and forging are both metal-forming methods used in the manufacturing of various metallic parts. However, there is always some confusion with most newbies thinks that these two forging processes are the same. This is not the case.

These two are different forming and manufacturing methods. They do not follow the same manufacturing processes. They are different technologies that do well in the production of various parts. Both can be used to make manufacturing a range of metals in the industry.

To help you distinguish the two, extrusion is a process that involves forcing metal through a die to create the desired shape while forging is a manufacturing process in which metal is pressed or hammered to achieve the desired shape.

However, over the past few years, there has been a growth in the forging technology. In fact, most of the metallic products in the market today are forged. This is mainly soft metal as well as hard metals like steel.

Why Forging Is Growing Popular

Though extrusion and forging are both widely used, there has been exponential growth in the demand for forged products in the market. This is because of the many benefits that forging has over extrusion.

Forging technology is more efficient and faster in producing products than extrusion. The cold forging process is faster and can produce better quality products than extrusion. The setup for the cold forging process is also simpler and cheaper.

The forging process also produces cheaper products than extrusion. This is because the overall cost of production and the investment in the manufacturing process is cheaper. Therefore, it keeps you within the budget where you can spend less for the same products.

There is no doubt that forging technology is now producing better quality products than extrusion. This is looking at the user’s feedback on the same products made from the two manufacturing processes.

The bottom line is that extrusion and forging are two metal manufacturing processes widely used in metal product production. However, forging adoption is bigger today. Learn about cold forged parts here