Important Trencher Teeth Maintenance Tips You Should Know

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The chain, teeth, and sprocket, also known as CTS, are the components that makes the cutting part of the trencher. But the cutter teeth or the trencher teeth are the ones that do the actual cutting parts of the machine. So when it comes to maintenance, these are parts that you need to look out for.

There are many ways to keep your trencher teeth properly maintained. This blog has put together some of the tips that can help keep your trencher teeth well maintained. They include:

Having Quality Teeth

The first tip that you need to consider is the quality of the teeth on your trencher. Everything should always start here. Make sure that you have invested in quality trencher teeth, especially if you have bought replacement parts. The kind of soil that you are digging is one of the things that helps the best quality trencher teeth for you. Be very observant with the choice of material and the production process for these cutter tools. This because they greatly affect the quality of the teeth.

Identifying Signs of Wear

The first reason why it is important to maintain your trencher teeth is to help identify signs of wear early. If most of the wear and tear signs are identified early, you can be able to fix them before the damages happen. It is important to check the teeth on the digging chain regularly to help identify wear signs before the condition worsens.

The cup teeth should be checked thoroughly for excessive wear and shark teeth for the chipped or fractured carbide. You might need to repair or replace the teeth that have fractured or shown signs of wear to keep the machine working fine.

Proper Use

You might do everything right, but maintenance will still be an issue if you are using the trencher teeth as recommended by the manufacturer. Therefore, you need to have the right teeth for the kind of soil that you are working in. You also need to have a trained operator on the trencher because they determine how well the trencher teeth are used. This is an important factor to consider for proper maintenance.

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