5 Indications You Need Mining Drill Bits Replacement

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If you have been wondering when is the best time to replace your mining drill bits, well, this guide is for you. We are making it easy for you to avoid early or very little replacements because both can have adverse effects on your drilling. In this guide, we have put together 5 indications that you might need to make a replacement.

Harsh and Unnecessary Vibration

Harsh and unnecessary vibrations are one of the signs that you need to consider replacing your mining drill bits. The problem is caused by the different bit sizes caused by wear and tear. The biggest problem with the harsh vibration is an increase in the overall wear and tear of the entire machine. It can cause loosening of the nuts hence increasing wear and tear.

High Fuel Consumption

If you notice that your mine drilling machine is consuming too much fuel for the same task, then the problem is with the cutter tools. You need to check the condition of the mining drill bits. The reason why your drilling machine is consuming too much fuel is the engine working harder. Another explanation is the low efficiency caused by worn out bits. That’s why a replacement is recommended.

Reducing Performance

Another sign that you probably need to replace your mining drill bits is an unsalvageable reduction in the performance of the machine. If your machine performance has been going down and even attempts in sharpening and repairs of the bits are not helping, then a replacement would be the best option. When the drill bits wear down, its cutting performance is reduced. That’s how the overall performance of the machine is reduced.

Low Productivity

The productivity of the drilling machine can tell you when to replace your mining drill bits. If you have noticed dwindling productivity and the sharpening or repairing of the bits do not seem to make any impact, then you need to consider making a replacement. When running on worn-out bits, you will experience low cutting performance. This means the overall productivity of your drilling machine is reduced. That’s why only a replacement can fix the problem.

Demand For Frequent Sharpening

How often are you sharpening your drill bits? If your mining drill bits have been demanding for frequent sharpening lately, the chances are that they are worn out beyond repairs and sharpening. They can no longer withstand the demanding drilling conditions. So, only a replacement can help deal with these problems.