4 Benefits Of CMT Carbide Tipped Mulcher Teeth

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One of the biggest reasons why CMT mulcher teeth have grown popular in the market is the quality that they offer. One of the ways that the company has managed to produce some of the quality mulcher parts is the use of high-grade materials. One of the materials they use is the tungsten carbide for the tips.

There are many benefits that come with having the tungsten carbide tipped mulcher teeth. In this post, we have listed 4 of the major benefits that you from investing in tungsten carbide tipped cutter teeth. They include:

High performance

One of the biggest benefits that CMT mulcher teeth buyers enjoy is high machine performance. The company has invested in tungsten carbide material for the construction of the mulcher teeth tips. Tungsten carbide tipped teeth are usually very sharp, and they are able to maintain this sharpness for a very long time. Therefore, you can expect them to offer a consistently high cutting performance for a long time.

High Resistance To Wear And Abrasion

Another benefit of tungsten carbide tipped mulcher teeth is high resistance to wear and abrasion. The tungsten carbide material produces one of the hardest metals in the machine part making industry. Due to the hardness and strength of the tungsten carbide material, CMT mulcher teeth do not wear out fast even when exposed to tough mulching conditions. So, with the tungsten carbide tipped mulcher teeth from CMT, there will be less wear and abrasion. You can also expect mulcher teeth to produce incredible performance even in the toughest condition and last longer.

Extreme Versatility

Another benefit that you enjoy from tungsten carbide mulcher teeth from CMT is high versatility. Due to the hardness and the strength that tungsten carbide tips offer, you can expect these cutter tools to handle all kinds of mulching conditions, even the most demanding ones.  That is a feature that you cannot get from the typical mulcher teeth. So, you can expect these mulching teeth that can handle anything from simple foliage to the hardest foliage. That is what versatility CMT mulcher teeth are all about.

Low Operation and Maintenance Cost

Last but least benefit of investing in tungsten carbide tipped mulcher teeth from CMT is low operation and maintenance cost. These are two major costs that machine users usually unable to keep on the lower. Buying tungsten carbide tipped mulcher parts is one of the best ways that you can keep this cost at a minimum.